Contingency Planning


Disaster Recovery

Listings of Disaster Recovery publications and services

A Case Study in Using Internet Technology for Disaster Response:
Bay Area Red Cross
 (Questions? Contact Allen Monroe,  Project coordinator)

Keeping BCP High on the Corporate Priority List. A presentation at CPM 2002 by Greig Fennell.

Sample Business Contingency Plan

Earthquake Response Plan

Tsunami Response Plan

Geologic Hazards

Updated Earthquake Hazard Maps: California

Updated Earthquake Hazard Maps: USA

Worldwide Weather

Weather: U.S. composite forecast map

Weather from a Montana Perspective

Incoming Weather: Latest Pacific Infrared

Incoming Weather: Latest Pacific water vapor

Severe Weather Safety Guide

See how GIS software was used to fight the Oakland Hills fire. (190K color-reduced image)
(290K unreduced image)

West Coast Flood Disaster tops $2 Billion

"Cities at Risk" An Online Conference,
organized by the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction

Crisis Communications Strategic Planning

"Solutions for Natural and Man-made Disasters"

Business Recovery Managers Association

Virtual Emergency Management Information System Prototype

Volcano Photograph reproduced with permission of Scott Rowland
Additional volcano information available at Volcano World.